Father And Daughter Beatbox Battle, And We Have No Idea How They're Making Those Sounds

Nailed it.

According to the Beatbox Academy, vocal percussion isn't anything new. 

"Perhaps the best known reference from early contemporary culture is from the Barber shop quartets who would keep time with tongue clicks and short sharp inhaling," it says on the academy's site.

Techniques used then, like the inward snare and low humming, are being utilized in crazy beatbox performances and battles.


And now, a father-daughter duo has bonded over their own beatboxing skills to give us one incredibly epic family battle.

Nicole Paris, who uploaded the video to her Facebook page, listens while her father performs first.

When it's over, she jokes, "What in the cottage cheese?!" before taking it away herself. 

Initially, the battle starts off relatively calm, in comparison to Paris' second turn, when she completely KILLS it, and tosses in a line saying, "This is the battle. Wait, but didn't I defeat you already?" Boom.

We don't know where any of those sounds are coming from, but they're insanely awesome.

Watch below:

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