Heartbroken Father Calls Out His Adopted Daughter's Racist Bullies

"I just refuse to let her go through stuff like that. I won't do it."

When Minnesota-native Brad Knudson and his wife learned that their 14-year-old had been bullied by peers, he did what any protective father would do: try to put an end to it.

Knudson learned that his adopted daughter Dee Dee had received racist videos on Snapchat, an app that allows photos and videos to be watched and then disappear, so he recorded the fourth video.

"N*****, you is a fat a** b*tch, yes, you are," can be heard in the alleged fourth video sent to Dee Dee.

After filing a police report and attempting to speak with the ninth graders' parents, Knudson decided to make a video to tell the world the hurt that these videos have caused him and his daughter. 

"A week ago one of our very good friends' son commited suicide," he says to the camera. "I can't have this hanging over us."

He plays the recorded Snapchats and the racist response allegedly received from the bullies' father. "You're a n***** lover," says the man.

Dee Dee told WTVR that she just brushed it off at the time, but the words did hurt her. "On the inside, I was kind of crying," she said. "I hope people understand how racism affects people."

Cosmopolitan reports that a commentor mentioned that Dee Dee instigated the ordeal, but that's no excuse to use racist and hurtful language.

According to the CDC, suicide is the third cause of death in the U.S. for 10- to 24-year-olds. And Knudson will do anything to prevent his daughter from becoming one of them.

"I had to get this off my chest," he says in the video. "I don't want her to commit suicide because of frickin' morons."


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