Fat Man Explains Why Criticizing Fat People Is A Crappy Thing To Do. And Not Just Because It's Mean.

Well said.

These days, it seems that everyone has an opinion about other people's bodies, particularly fat bodies. Luckily, the body positive movement is fighting back. The movement points out that a person's size does not necessarily indicate poor health and that it's just not cool to be mean.

Still, people take to comment sections (sometimes even in real life) to belittle those who are heavy. 

YouTuber boogie2988 was sick and tired of the fat-shaming so he made a video to set the record straight.

First, he admits that the "healthy at any size" mantra is a fallacy. But, he says it's not about that: "Fat acceptance shouldn't be about convincing the world to love you. Fat acceptance should be about accepting yourself."

"Because of that change, I stopped gaining weight," he says in the video.

Then he gives a few messages to those who like to put down and judge people are who fat.


"One of the key ingredients is learning to love and care for yourself and that's really hard to do when you log onto the Internet and you hundreds of thousands of people berating and mocking you."

"Your excuse that fat people are all 'subhuman lazy pieces of crap,' doesn't float, because we are people, with thoughts and emotions just as strong and valid as yours and we're doing the best we can. Even if our best isn't up to your standards."

"Let's be honest, do you think I would choose this? The misperception that fat people are lazy or weak-willed is the stupidest thing I ever heard. It takes a lot of will and effort to live a day like this."

"We are just as valid of a human being as you and we deserve the same respect. The difference between a morbidly obese person eating themselves into an early grave? That respect might just save their lives."

So remember everyone, if you don't have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut.

Watch the full rant below:


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