They Were Riding Down The River On A Boat. What Happened Next Is Insane.

Like something out of a movie.

This shocking footage was taken aboard a small boat on the Chobe River in Botswana, by a kid on a Pangolin Photo Safari. In the video  — which was filmed, incredibly, using an iPhone 6 — we see a gorgeous expanse of blue water against a green shoreline. Everything looks peaceful when, in the distance, something bulges to the surface, a menacing heap that rushes at the boat with terrifying speed — like something out of the movie "Jaws."

And then THIS happens.


We bet you didn't know hippos could move so fast. Well they can.

And while it appears that the hippo is swimming, it's actually not. As the San Diego Zoo points out, hippos can't swim. Their bodies are too dense to stay afloat, so they move through the water by pushing themselves off of rocks and other things at the bottom of the water.

The lucky shutterbug who captured this awesome feat of animal prowess got to see a charging hippo up close — something not many people experience firsthand. And lucky for us, it was all caught on video.

Here it is one more time...AMAZING!

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