This Fast-Food Worker Offered A Homeless Man A Meal — So A Customer Did Something Unexpected

It's a moment worthy of pride.

Michelle Resendez couldn't be prouder of her son, Matthew, and she's making sure that the world knows the reason why.

On June 9, the San Antonio, Texas mother took to her Facebook wall to tell the world about her "proud mom moment" when her son reached into his wallet — and his heart — to care for a homeless man who came into his job at Burger King, hoping for a meal.

Matthew selflessly bought the man a meal with his own money, but it's what happened next that added a special twist to the story.


It's worth noting that there's no way Matthew could have anticipated someone doing something like this: he did what he did out of kindness, not any hope for reward. We're glad, however, that someone noticed and was kind enough to show him — and the rest of us — that kindness always comes around.

(H/T: Love What Matters)


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