Forget Drag Racing — Vin Diesel Is Flying Cars In New Movie

Yeah, that's a car flying at 12,000 feet.

Vin Diesel and company are back in action for "Fast & Furious 7." And. It. Looks... RIDICULOUS!


The stunts in the new movie have literally gone to new heights, but, hey, when your franchise grosses over $2 billion, you get to do some cool stuff.

You can forget CGI though. In the latest addition to the franchise, the stunt coordinators decided to drop cars out of an airplane for real.

These bad boys were screaming through the sky at an incredible 140 miles per hour.

In order to capture the footage, the skydiving film crew had to wear special helmets with a camera attached.

Pretty crazy, but all in a day's work for these pros.

So, if you happened to see a car flying through the sky randomly in the past few months, it wasn't aliens or the U.S. government testing UFOs.

It was just Vin Diesel.

See how they did it in the video below.


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