15 Beautiful Traditional Fashion Trends From Around The World

We had no idea No. 12 was called that.

Fashion trends may be constantly changing, but there are some traditional garments that stand the test of time. These pieces of clothing connect each generation to the next, bringing customs and cultures together. 

Fashion doesn't just help you look good. It allows you to express yourself, connect to your roots, and reveal parts of your history.

During a trip to Vienna, blogger Ala Osmond noticed a few traditional garments that caught her eye in a store window. "It made me think that it was incredible that people still wear traditional dress today," she told A Plus. 


Ala Osmond

This inspired her to put together a blog post featuring various traditional clothing pieces for travel site, Exeter International

"Like food, fashion binds us together," it says on the blog. "And for those who love to travel, they'll likely see a lot of both. For wherever you are in the world, there will be defining and distinctive tastes (from what people eat to what people wear) and that's the true flavor of travel. Additionally, the way that people dress can reveal a lot about their history and often comes from practical influences or occupational necessity, so 'fashion' as a whole should never be overlooked in our cultural education."

You can check out some illustrations of the traditional garments below:

1. The dirandl in Austria

2. The gho in Bhutan

3. The poncho in Chile

4. The sombrero vueltiao in Colombia

5. The beret in France

6. The lederhosen in Germany

7. The kimono in Japan

8. The babouches in Morocco

9. The clogs in the Netherlands

10. The gele in Nigeria

11. The bunad in Norway

12. The ushanka in Russia

13. The kilt in Scotland

14. The salvar in Turkey

15. The conical hat in Vietnam


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