Fashion Student Sews Matching Outfits For Her Family To Wear To Disney World

"I decided that this year would be different."

Sheridan O'Hea and her family have a tradition of going to Disney World every year and wearing matching T-shirts. She is in charge of picking out and designing the outfits, but for this year's trip, she wanted to do something different.

"By the end of July, I realized that my Disney vacation was coming up soon and my mom was nagging me to get us matching T-shirts like we do every year," the 20-year-old told Popsugar. "I decided that this year would be different. I didn't want to be like any other family with obnoxious T-shirts. I wanted obnoxious outfits. Handmade obnoxious outfits."


So, the fashion student made use of her sewing skills and got to work creating unique coordinating looks for her mom, brother, boyfriend and herself.

"The whole planning process is really fun for us," she explained on Reddit. "We are HUGE Disney fans. I thought it would be really special to surprise my family with [custom outfits]."

When she was finished, she shared a photo on Reddit of her family happily posing at Disney World in their matching looks.

In the post, she reveals that she bought a colorful Disney fabric at JOANN Fabric. She used a pattern to create the button-down shirts, but the shorts, dress, bows, and bandana were all patterns she drafted herself.

"We usually get a lot of looks from our T-shirts, but I couldn't wait to see how people reacted to this," O'Hea told Babble

She might have originally had the intention to create "obnoxious" outfits, but the consensus was that she did a brilliant job of creating something special. And there are already Redditors putting in requests for their own looks. 

At Disney World, many people inquired where the family got their outfits and were surprised that they were custom.

The support from strangers is welcome, but it's the response from her family that means most to O'Hea.

She revealed on Reddit that her mom was very proud and she called her family her "biggest supporters."

Since the post of the family's custom Disney outfits went viral, O'Hea has set up an Etsy shop for custom creations and revealed on Instagram that this is the first collection of many.

She stated, "This is just the beginning for me and what a beginning it is. Thank you to everyone who follows me and supports my creativity. It means the world to me."


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