These Not-So-Stylish Dads Are Perfectly Nailing Fashion Blogging

Werk it.

Being a fashion blogger is no joking matter. Or is it? 

Fashiondads_ , a hilarious Instagram account, pokes fun at all lifestyle gurus who sometimes might take themselves a little too seriously.

The account features outfits of non-guru dads along with hilariously hashtagged descriptions that sound as if they were straight out of an Insta lookbook. We're talking #EffortlessElegance, #LoveAndLaughter, #PorcelainSkin.

Maybe these dads were style-savvy all along Which #OOTD is your fav?


"The key to a Casual Chic ensemble is looking like it was effortless. While it may have taken me hours to pair these vintage Levi Strauss cutoffs with a gray Hanes tee and my trendy topsiders, it appears that I just threw it on and stepped outside."

"Wearing the same color and designer from head to toe makes a strong and powerful style statement."

"When I am giving dance lessons at my studio it is extremely important to be comfortable without sacrificing style. I chose to wear my durable swishy pants with a light grey cotton Tshirt for this routine."

"LOVE LOVE this new orange sweater matched with a baby blue khaki short. Great for early spring outings and dinners."

"Throw on a pair of white Newmans with a khaki sock and not only do you look good but you fit right in with the locals."

"Today I chose my Patriots Nike navy blue hoodie matched with a darker navy swishy pant rolled up just under the knee for a little extra pizazz! To complete this look, you can wear white crew socks and vintage Nike tennis shoes."

"Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway."

"Life in the fast lane! Not all work is glamorous, sometimes you have to get your hands dirty. When setting up for photo shoots you have to be comfortable because it's hard work, but like I tell you guys all the time, YOU CAN'T SACRIFICE STYLE!"

"I am starting with a mustard yellow short sleeve button-up paired with a vintage navy blue Soffe short. I LOVE to match my shirt with my shoes; it makes it look symmetrical without being over the top."

"It's extremely important to keep a sense of humor in this industry. There will always be haters out there!"

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