Think Women In Headscarves "Have No Style?" This Is Why You Couldn't Be More Wrong.

Get it, girl.

Wiwid Howat is a 26-year-old fashion blogger who moved to Sydney, Australia, from Indonesia just three years ago and is now changing the perception of muslim women around the world one outfit at the time.

"I started my blog because I wanted to share my style, but also because women with headscarves are often perceived as having no style, or as being submissive," she told BuzzFeed live.  "I wanted to challenge those perceptions by having a blog that showed women with headscarfs can be very stylish, interesting, and outgoing — just like any other woman."

We say, way to go, girl. 

Check out some of her killer outfits below.


"Another of my goals is to eventually work with mainstream designers and bloggers, to emphasize that I'm not a 'Muslim fashion blogger', just a fashion blogger who happens to wear a headscarf," Howat was quoted saying.

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(H/T: Design Taxi, BuzzFeed Life)


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