She Knitted Taylor Swift A Sweater, Then T. Swift's Mom Made Her Dream Come True

We bet your sweater doesn't have 2 million "Likes" on Instagram.

When it comes to being a fan, some just do it better than others. Just ask this Swiftie who goes by the name of Jadda. She just became the envy of every fangirl of anything ever.


See that sweater Jadda is wearing? Here's the full story on how it went from her home in Colorado to 38,000 feet in the air on a private jet, worn by none other than Taylor Swift herself.

First, Jadda spent eight months knitting the sweater, according to the New York Post. It features a polaroid of Taylor Swift. She uploaded this video to show her followers on Tumblr the process.

After completing the task of knitting her very first sweater ever, she happened to see Taylor's mom Andrea, in the audience during a Denver show.

As she explained to Buzzfeed, she knew that was her moment and handed her the sweater as well as a letter. She was also able to grab this awesome photo with Andrea, which she uploaded to her Tumblr page....

Taylor's mom then gave the sweater to her daughter, but at first they didn't know who made it. However, it racked up an astonishing 1.9 million likes!

The story also made it to the local news program.

Then, Taylor Swift found out it was Jadda who in fact made her the gift and personally thanked her on her Tumblr page.

That is truly amazing! Congrats, Jadda. You rock, for real.


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