Fan Fulfills All Of Our Pop Star Dreams And Blows Rihanna’s Mind In This Jaw-Dropping Duet

Completely blown away.

When Rihanna was performing in Cincinnati on Saturday, she never expected to be blown away like this.


A fan by the name of Terah Jay was standing in the front row when RiRi began performing her hit "FourFiveSeconds" and urged the pop star to pass him the mic.

Luckily, she saw Jay and motioned for him to come closer to the stage so he could sing into the mic.

Unbeknownst to Rihanna, TJ has been a choir singer his whole life, according to TMZ, and was about to completely rock her world.

Watch the amazing impromptu duet below:

After the performance, the craziness continued on Instagram.

Fans began drawing artwork of him.

Rihanna's backing vocalist shouted him out.

And we will forever remember this amazing quote from RiRi:


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