This Family Has Six Fingers, And They Love It So Much

Celebrate the differences.

In the first episode of BBC video series "The Extraordinary Making of You," we get an inside look at the Da Silva family from Brazil. 

While, for the most part, this loving family is like many others, there is one very unusual thing that sets them apart. 


14 out of the 26 members of the family were born with six fingers.

And the family sees this amazing difference as an asset worth celebrating. 

In fact, the extra digit gives them an advantage in doing things like playing an instrument or a sport, or just giving really great high sixes. 

As one boy plays soccer, he explains to BBC reporter Michael Mosley: "I think it's good because my hand's bigger than other hands, and I have a better grip. I can hold a ball much better than people with five fingers." 

It's clear the family takes great pride in their hands.

And the women find other special advantages to having an extra digit, too...

In the BBC video one woman says "We can use more rings," while another jokes "Men who marry us spend a lot of money."

And when a family member is pregnant, there is one thing they want to know...

"We were delighted to find it was six."

Watch the full video to learn more about this amazing family who celebrates their differences...

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