Woman Transforms Into Her Family Members To Perfectly Nail Their Looks

The resemblance is uncanny.

Ever think that you don't look anything like your relatives? Maybe you're just not looking back far enough.

Rachael Rifkin, a ghostwriter and a personal historian, partnered up with photographer Angela Park, costume designer Kathryn Wilson, graphic designer Tara Nitz, and hairstylist Tammy Rupe to transform herself into her family members. They then paired photos of Rifkin's transformations with old portraits of her relatives. The resemblance gave us chills.

"The idea is to get people thinking about the similarities and stories in their own families," Rifkin explains on her blog. "I hope this project encourages people to take an active interest in their family history. Because the more we know about our family history, the more we know about ourselves." 

Does this get you wondering if perhaps you do look like your great-great-grandmother?


Great-grandmother Fannie



Cousin Tiffany

Cousin Ibolia

Cousin Thelma

Great-great-grandfather Shmeryahu (Sidney)

Grandfather Sidney

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