If You Want To Be A Character On 'Family Guy' All You Have To Do Is Help Save The World

Truly a win-win.

Since its inception in 1999, Family Guy has used humor that routinely challenges the border of human decency to address serious social and political issues like religion, abortion, domestic violence, and corruption. 

The show is now going beyond comedy to take on one topic that is no joke: climate change.

A new Omaze campaign will benefit 350.org, a website dedicated to grassroots environmentalism. One lucky contributor will have the opportunity to win an unforgettable Family Guy fan experience. Each dollar donated amounts to 10 entries submitted, with the winner selected on July 19.

The winner and a guest will be flown to Los Angeles and stay in a 4-star hotel. They will not only get a tour of the animation studio, but they'll also get to sit in on a table reading of an episode and even have their likeness drawn in as a resident of Quahog, with a signed print to keep. There is also backstage access to Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane's concert at Vibrato, a Los Angeles jazz club. (Note: If you haven't heard him sing, that needs to change immediately.)


There can only be one winner, but that doesn't mean contributors have to walk away empty-handed. Certain donation levels have perks of Family Guy gear that isn't available anywhere else. Even still, as kitsch as it may sound, the work done by 350 is so important, everyone who enters the contest by donating wins.

350 organizes and mobilizes people around the world to address environmental concerns by staging protests against large corporations, keeping pressure on politicians, and offering a helping hand to those who have been affected by rising sea levels and other effects of climate change.

Some may think the combination of an audacious show like Family Guy and championing the environment is an odd pairing, but MacFarlane has a long, personal history of science advocacy and routinely uses his influence to call attention to the dangerous reality of climate change. He also served as an executive producer of the 2015 documentary This Changes Everything, which explores climate through the lens of the economy.

To help save the planet, simply head on over to Omaze and make your donation to 350!

Cover image: Family Guy, via Omaze


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