This May Just Be The Most Relatable Christmas Card Of All Time

"Wow, that seems like my life."

As part of getting into the holiday spirit, many families get together to take their annual holiday card photo. Some families use the card as a way to share exciting, life-changing news, such as a pregnancy or engagement announcement. But sometimes, it can feel like everyone around you has big news to share, except you. 

When it came time for Emily Seawright's family to take their family Christmas photo, she found herself in that situation — and decided to approach it with humor. Inspired by another photo she saw online, everyone in the family held up signs for their 2017 photo. 


The sign her parents held said, "Excited!" The reason? Probably because of the signs their children are holding. Next to them, one couple's says "Engaged!" and the other couple's sign says "Expecting!" As for Seawright? The sign simply says her name, "Emily." 

She tweeted the photo writing, "my family's Christmas card this year lmao." 

She may not be tying the knot or pregnant, but Emily looks pretty damn happy in the photo. And why shouldn't she be? 

Since Seawright tweeted the photo, it has gone viral with nearly 55,000 retweets and over 322,000 likes. Many people found the whole thing humorous and pretty damn relatable. Who among us has not been Emily at one point in our lives? 

Some people could relate so much, they had their own similar holiday photos to share.

But the best responses came from people who sent supportive messages.

Honestly, being yourself and focusing on your own goals is just as valuable as the other things mentioned on the Seawright's signs. And it's definitely worth celebrating. 


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