15 Best 'Family Feud' Fails Ever

We're watching through out fingers.

"Family Feud's" been around for four decades, and so have its contestants' bizarre responses. You might think people would censor themselves a bit on a game show with grandma, but it seems Nana's the one egging them on half the time. 

And 50 percent of what makes their crazy answers so great is host Steve Harvey's reaction. Here are some of the show's most infamous gems.


1. On the afterlife.

2. On chivalry.

3. On keeping it in the family.

4. On phonics.

5. On safe aviation.

6. On disclosure.

7. On word roots.

8. On anatomy.

9. On grandma.

10. On motives.

11. On climate.

12. On vengeance.

13. On parasitic relationships.

14. On philanthropy.

15. On... Oh girl, nah.

Stay creative, America.

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