Boy With No Arms And Legs Abandoned At A Serbian Orphanage Adopted By Loving Family

So touching.

In a video interview posted by People, we get an inside look at a family who adopted a little boy born with no arms and legs. 

This child, named Bowen, was abandoned at a Serbian orphanage when he was just a baby. But when prospective adoptive parents Devon and Jeremy Toomey got ahold of his photograph, they instantly knew he'd make a perfect addition to their family.  

The Toomeys flew to Serbia to meet the then 18-month-old in person. Though they note the conditions of the orphanage weren't bad per se, they told People the baby seemed isolated, spending up to 23 hours a day in his crib. As a result, he couldn't roll over, chew, sit up or even talk. 

"Basically he was at an infant stage at 18 months old," says Devon. "We had to teach him everything." 

When the Toomey's brought Bowen back to the U.S., however, he started making amazing improvements. The parents say they give him enough leeway to make lots of mistakes, but that he eventually figures out ways to cope with everyday life challenges that work for him. 


Now, it seems he can pretty much conquer the world. He does everything from using utensils without hands... climbing and descending stairs... swimming!

And that's not all...

"Everyone that meets him says he has so much joy. He's always smiling. He's always willing to try things, so that helps as well 'cuz we push him and we push him, and he's willing to do any challenge," says Devon. "That's why he's skiing and he's swimming and doing all this stuff." 

And Bowen isn't just meeting expectations, he's exceeding them. His parents say he is about to start first grade in the Fall in a mainstream classroom — a major milestone — and is a top student and reader among his peers. 

Go Bowen! 

"He's happy all the time. He's the happiest kid I've ever met," says Jeremy. "I don't think he notices his limb differences."

To learn more about Bowen's amazing story, watch the video below:

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