College Students Everywhere Are About To Get A RECESS — And It Will Be Great

The new program is a first for campuses everywhere.

Back in 2010, a few students at the University of Indiana had the idea to start their own college music festival.

But after a blind email to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban landed them an investment, the group began building towards what is now known as RECESS: a "music and ideas" festival built for college campuses. 

The idea is simple: college campuses are filled with talented and creative young entrepreneurs who need a break from the day-to-day grind of university life. To make that break productive, RECESS offers top of the line live music in conglomeration with opportunities to pitch business ideas, hear from reputable speakers and participate in interactive networking. 

"Our mission is to inspire and highlight the next generation of entrepreneurs during the day and then unite the student body to celebrate their achievements at night," Co-founder Deuce Thevenow said in a press release. "We were a college startup ourselves and know the struggles firsthand, so we created this to help students that were in our position only a couple of years back."


Last year, contestants at the festival produced some amazing ideas. Oncolinx, for example, is hoping to make chemotherapy obsolete and offer a less damaging, less painful medication to battle cancer. Another contestant, Jason Li, created UPropsie — a system that gives students tailored information hoping to help students choose the right college for them. Then there are the four college students trying to change how we vote with their new app Ballot. 

Ideas like these are just some of the amazing things that are coming from RECESS. 

Fall tour dates

● October 1st - University of Miami w/ Adventure Club, Shaun Frank, & Paris Blohm

● October 6th - UNC Charlotte

● October 7th - University of Pennsylvania

● October 9th - Babson University

● October 12th - Harvard

● October 13th - UCLA

● October 14th - USC

● October 21st - SMU

● October 22nd - RICE

● October 23rd - UT AUSTIN

● January 14 - 17th - RECESS Field Trip in Los Angeles, CA

Check out a preview of the RECESS experience.


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