Easy Fall DIY Projects To Embrace All The Cozy Trends Without Breaking The Bank

We didn't realize you could do this with a sweater.

With autumn beginning, many of us are looking to turn our homes into cozy spaces filled with all our favorite fall trends. And while some decor may need to be purchased, it's important to remember that it doesn't cost a lot of money to decorate a space if you're willing to get a little crafty.

Last month, we featured Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid of the The Sorry Girls and all their best eco-friendly hacks for a better life. Now, The Sorry Girls are back at it, presenting us with some key fall DIY projects you can use to spruce up your home. This includes upcycling an old blanket and a thrifted sweater, mixing the perfect fall scents for your diffuser, and even a quick recipe meant to fall-ify your food too. 

For example, Wright and MacDermaid take an inexpensive blue sweater and cut off the sleeves to create the cutest slippers. After cutting off the sleeves, The Sorry Girls measure out two faux-leather soles and sew them on with a blanket stitch. After a few more cuts and stiches, they've completed cozy sock-inspired slippers that are sure to keep you warm.

The Sorry Girls also take a blanket (can be thrifted, new, or old) and revamp it with various fringe and trim from a fabric store. Just sew them onto the front of the blanket and you're ready to rock (or maybe just relax!). 

Check out these fall DIYs in the full video below as well as a few extra projects we love too. 


Plus, this October bullet journal:

This pressed leaf decor:

This DIY mat:

And this fall wedding decor:

Cover photo by Shutterstock


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