Live Out Your Childhood Dreams In This This Towering ‘Treehouse’ Pad

It doesn't get much more scenic than this.

From a terrifying, but beautiful house nestled inside a cliff, to an isolated floating island home, to an $800 dumpster transformed into a vacation pad, we can't get enough of unique house eye-candy. 

Most recently, we discovered a home in Prescott, Arizona that taps into our childhood dream of having a secluded treehouse to call our own. And, as all spectacular places should, it has a badass nickname: The Falcon Nest. 

The Falcon Nest stands at 124 feet tall, has 6,200 square feet of living space, and is ten-stories high in the sky, surrounded by mountains, buttes, and greenery. The magical home is like something out of a fantasy novel. 

Seriously, how bad do you want to take a tour of this place?


The Falcon Nest was built in 1994 by Phoenix-based architect Sukumar Pal. A hydraulic elevator gives people access to the home from the garage level up to the sixth floor. It has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a 2,000-square-foot solarium, and an unparalleled scenic view of the the San Francisco Peaks, Thumb Butte, Humphrey's Peak, and Bill Williams Mountain. 

According to the property's listing, the house is outfitted with passive solar technology and other alternative energy, heating, and cooling capabilities. "With minimal energy consumption, a small footprint, and utilizing natural elements to heat and cool the home free from cost, this is truly an architectural and engineering treasure," the property's website says

The house is currently on the market and, of course, the biggest downer about all this is the $1,500,000 price tag. We won't be moving in anytime soon, but we will enjoy looking at photos of it. 

Check out some of them for yourself below.

(H/T: Huffington Post


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