Hilarious Actor Fakes An Oscar Victory, Convinces Everyone He Actually Won

Brilliant idea.

There were 24 awards given out at the Oscars this year. Mark David Christenson didn't win any of them. 

But that didn't stop the hilarious actor and improvisational expert from stomping around town in a tuxedo, showing off a shiny new Academy Award that he didn't win and wasn't actually real.  

After recording his "acceptance" speech with New Media Rockstars Studio, Christenson hit the town and started celebrating. It didn't take long for people to start seeking out the "real-life" Oscar winner. 


First, they asked for pictures.

Free tickets to "his" movie? No problem.

Free Gatorade from the convenience store? Check.

Restricted areas being swarmed with security? Not a problem...

Exclusive parties?

We think you're getting the idea. Basically, Christenson went anywhere he wanted, for free, receiving nothing but the praise and adoration of everyone around him. He was even given a few phone numbers from the beautiful women he encountered, something he admitted wasn't a typical daily experience. 

Check out the entire prank and all its glory in the video below: 


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