You Might Think It's A Sequin Gown, But It's Actually Made Of... Nails

Nailing it.

Girls love pretty nails. 

Some so much that they even make evening gowns out of it. As bizarre as it sounds.

For her final collection at Central Saint Martins, one of the most iconic art and design universities in the world, Anna Goswami, a recent fashion graduate, decided to do something a bit unconventional.  Yep. You got it right. She released a collection of stunning cocktail dresses and evening gowns made entire of... fake nails.


Despite being made of, well, nails, these dresses are insanely classy.

As Goswami told A Plus, all nails are acrylic and were hand painted with nail polish, then stitched to organza.

So you must be wondering how long it takes to make these, right?

"The long dress probably has about 8,000 nails in it." Goswami explained A Plus in an email. "It took about two and a half weeks (of long days) to make!"

"My inspiration initially came from my love of nail art and Guy Bourdin photographs. I then mixed 70s imagery and beauty shots to get the imagery and colors for the collection and 90s shapes for the construction."

Guess it's safe to say, Goswami absolutely nailed her final collection (get it?).

(H/T: Design Taxi)


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