This Looks Like $50, But Look Closer And You'll Get An Unpleasant Surprise

Inflation? No, this is worse.

A remarkable little video posted by Descubre tu Mundo on YouTube last month seems to show a woman with a $50 bill ...


In reality, it's anything but.

An unidentified woman rubs the surface of the bill with a piece of cloth or tissue dampened with a solvent ... and a layer of the bill disappears, revealing the actual dollar amount: $10.

The forgers seem to have put some type of exceptionally realistic decal over the numbers.

Even the holographic ink has been altered.

However, a quick glance at this bill should tell anyone familiar with American currency that it's not a $50. Do YOU know why?

The portrait on a genuine $50 is Ulysses S. Grant. The one you see there is Alexander Hamilton.

The Secret Service's website tells you what to look for when examining money.

Notice that Grant and Hamilton aren't even looking in the same direction?

Check out the video below:

For more tips on spotting counterfeits, check out the Secret Service's website.


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