Can You Spot The Difference Between These 7 Side-By-Side Images?

Some of these were trickier than we thought.

People of the internet love photos that challenge their ability to discover something hidden within in the image. Remember those find-the-panda puzzles that went viral earlier this year? Case in point. 

That's why we thought it would be fun to share this video from YouTube channel Facts Verse that aims to "test your intelligence." The video shows seven different side-by-side images and explains the differences. We're not sure that successfully comparing the images says much about your intelligence, but it's definitely a fun way challenge your attention to detail and reaction time. 

So, can you quickly spot the differences? The narrator of the video doesn't mention some of them, so you may be able to discover some of the things he missed. See for yourself in the images below: 


1. Woman in Front of the Window

2. Engineering

3. Mona Lisa

4. Space Photo

5. Big Ben

6. Spherical Sculptures

7. Disney World

How many did you spot? Watch the video below to see how you did:

(H/T: DesignTaxi


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