Facebook Is Helping You Avoid Your Ex Like Never Before

Breakups just got less painful.

Going through a breakup has always been challenging. Social media exacerbate the problems of a breakup because you still see your ex on your screen. You would have to unfriend your ex just to avoid them on social media.


Facebook just rolled out new tools on mobile to alleviate this difficult process.

"Starting today, we are testing tools to help people manage how they interact with their former partners on Facebook after a relationship has ended," project manager Kelly Winters wrote on a Facebook blog. "When people change their relationship status to indicate they are no longer in a relationship, they will be prompted to try these tools."

These tools will be available to mobile users when they change their relationship updates. They eventually will be rolled out to all platforms.

Here are three new tools that Facebook just launched to make your next breakup a little less painful.

1. See your ex’s name fewer times on your newsfeed or for tagging — unfriending them.

2. Edit who can view past posts and untag yourself from them.

3. Edit how often your ex can view your status updates on their timeline.

It should be noted that there have been other apps that help people get over breakups. Google will also soon launch their tool to help you hide a person from appearing on the Google photos app.

(H/T: NBC News)


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