This Video Challenges The Way Society Looks At People With Disabilities

Would you continue the game?

French nonprofit Noémi Association invited parents and their kids to play an educational game together on camera. At first, the rules seemed simple enough. The parent-child pairs sat next to one another, separated by just a thin wall. As people made silly faces in a video playing onscreen, the pairs mimicked their expressions on either side of the wall, unable to see the faces their partners were pulling.

Everyone seemed to be having fun until a young girl with disabilities came up on the screen. While the kids continued the game, all the parents stopped instantly, apparently uncomfortable.

The Noémi Association wants to change the way society sees people with disabilities, and is calling for an attitude adjustment. As seen in the video above, they want everyone to interact with people with disabilites in the same way they would people without. Just the way kids do.

The video was shot in collaboration with Leo Burnett France and Google.

(H/T: Leo Burnett)


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