Could Artificial Intelligence Keep You Safe While Driving?

This could change the future of driving.

A new technology unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics (CES) show in Las Vegas, Nevada, demonstrated how AI technology can save lives on the road.

The company behind the technology is called Eyeris, and its EmoVu Driver Monitoring AI is a system that monitors people's facial expressions and emotions when they are driving to gauge how focused they are on the road. Eyeris uses 2D cameras and artificial intelligence to look out for drowsiness, unfastened seatbelts or distracted driving. It provides what is described as "vehicle scene understanding." 

Federal data shows that 94 percent of all car accidents are human error, and the tech is a built-in response to that. If it senses a driver is falling asleep at the wheel, for example, it will sound an alert in the car to get the driver's attention. 

"Consumers will become more and more comfortable with technology if they understand the benefits," Modar Alaoui, CEO of Eyeris, says in the video above. "And of course, if the benefits outweigh the concerns."

You can watch the video at the top of this page to see the technology in action.

Cover image via Reuters.


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