Widowed Mother Gets An 'Extra' Special Proposal From Her Kindergarten Sweetheart In This Touching Video

"We've always found a way to get back together."

"We met in kindergarten, and it's crazy that now 27 years later, we're in love."

Jessica Langevin and Marcus Decredico, the real-life couple featured in Extra' Gums new ad, tell their touching love story in a video that leads up to Decredico's surprise proposal.

The California couple met in kindergarten, but led two different lives. At 25, Langevin was eight months pregnant when she lost her first husband and the father of her daughter. Three years later, she got an unexpected phone call from Decredico. 

"He was the cute boy in my classroom," Langevin says in a voiceover. Decredico, a single dad, says he always hoped the two of them would find each other. 


"No matter how many times our paths have come together and grown apart, we've always found a way to get back together," Langevin adds.

As the video continues, Decredico and the children prepare a surprise proposal for Langevin, complete with hand-drawn illustrations. They scatter the memories outdoors as Langevin collects them, finding one very special drawing at the end:

Be sure to watch the full proposal, appropriately entitled "A Second Chance," below:

(H/T: Redbook)


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