Divers Find Long Lost Buried Treasure In Madagascar

A piece of history.

We thought finding pirate booty only happened in the movies.

But long lost pirate treasure has just been found off the coast of Sainte Marie Island near Madagascar. 

The Huffington Post reports the treasure is a 120 pound silver ingot, and was discovered by a team led by U.S. explorer and marine archeologist Barry Clifford. But this particular treasure is legendary — It's believed to come from the wreckage of the Adventure Galley flagship belonging to famed 17th century pirate Captain William Kidd.


Kidd, a sea captain turned pirate, has a legacy that's inspired literature, treasure hunts and lore.

Clifford told History.com he's been conducting research and expeditions to Madagascar for 15 years, and believes this recent discovery is huge for his team, Madagascar and world history. He is confident the evidence will prove the treasure is genuinely from Kidd's shipwreck. 

"To literally have it hit me on the head — I thought 'what the heck just happened to me.' I really didn't expect this," Clifford told BBC.

But there's more where that came from. 

Clifford also told BBC his metal detectors indicated metal in the cavity he was exploring, leading his team to believe there's more treasure to be found in the area. 

Madagascar's president, Hery Rajaonarimampianina, accepted the treasure at a special ceremony. The treasure will soon end up in a museum for all to see.

But some historians are doubtful the treasure is actually from Kidd's ship. Historian and author Robert Ritchie told The Washington Post there's a number of boats that sunk in that same area, so the treasure may come from any of them.

Regardless, the story is resurfacing a fascinating piece of history well-worth exploring. 

Cover photo via iStock / Fyletto

(H/T: Huffington Post)


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