This Dad Is Taking Parenting To A Hilarious New Level With These Awesome Family Jokes

"My daughters, they like what I do on Twitter, mainly because it’s all about them."

Being a dad is tough. It's basically the definition of the saying, "Not all heroes wear capes."


You have to be there for your kids every day, make sure they get a good education, make sure they aren't making too much of a mess and — as one dad, Exploding Unicorn, puts it — you have to be
"a shoulder to cry on ... nd wipe your nose on ... nd spit up on."

Yes, while some dads may excel in being the cheer captain, some dads excel in the area of "human napkin."

All of this can, of course, get tiring, so what better way to vent a little than with some hilarious jokes about your four daughters and wife?

As he explained over email with A Plus, he began Tweeting in 2012 and realized his jokes were gaining some traction. While "some are real, some are exaggerated, and some are made up," it made "dealing with a horrific diaper blowout," a little less awful if he can make some strangers laugh out loud a bit. 

He found that his best material came from real-life inspiration and "what was right in front of him." Since he is always around his kids and family, they made for the best jokes, which his wife is totally cool with.

While he has never done anything on a professional level, his tweets have found a resounding audience, racking up thousands of likes. He has also managed to amass a following of 354,000 other really tired parents.

One look at his content and you can see why so many people are drawn to them. It's just the brutal, very sarcastic, yet honest truth about being a parent.

You know you've had the "conversation," too ... about "Star Wars," that is.

He can't quite remember which jokes are exaggerations or 100 percent truth, but does it matter when they are so relatable?

We're pretty sure we tried this when we were little, too. We see how it looks now from the other side.

Dads can put together the crib, no problem. The stroller on the other hand ... forget it.

Yeah, your daughters are wives in training. It's a fact and they are damn good at it.

Just because it's passive doesn't mean it isn't aggressive.

He also points out how mature his daughters are, even in preschool.

He tells us he isn't very creative, but this sounds like fun, to be honest. We can somewhat relate. We have "Pizza Fridays," where we pretend we're eating salads.

He's also there for you when life has you down.

And don't worry, getting through "Frozen," was never meant to be easy.

But at least they are always there to help out when you need them most.

But they may in fact discover they are one with "The Force."

They also know what you need most.

But the No. 1 rule, always let them be themselves.

Because sometimes, first-hand experience is the only way to learn.

Read more of Exploding Unicorn's tweets here.

You can also follow him on Facebook and, if you have some work for him to do, you can email him here

He'll take a break from being the coolest dad, but just for a moment.


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