This Mindblowing Video Will Make You Appreciate Solid Ground

Nature is a force to be reckoned with.

YouTuber Dotysan captured this amazing footage of Twain Harte Rock in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California reshaping itself before his very eyes and, fortunately for us, his camera. 

The process is called "exfoliation" and it usually takes place very slowly. Twain Harte, however, is a different story.

Justine Alford explains it far better than we could on IFLScience:

"(Exfoliation is a) form of mechanical weathering in which curved slabs of rock detach and slough off from the rock below, resulting in a so-called exfoliation dome such as Yosemite's spectacular Half Dome. It's thought to be the result of "unloading," whereby overlying rock is removed through erosion or excavation. This releases the pressure and causes the previously-confined rock below to expand, fracturing in the process. Layers of rock are then shed as sheets, leaving a spherical core behind."

So that's how Half Dome was formed?

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