2 Exes Get Brutally Honest Answering Questions Why Their Relationship Failed

Honest answers. Finally.


Breakups are never easy. But its important to talk them through.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Glamour magazine, an ex-couple sits down face to face to give honest answers to questions that were too painful to be addressed while the two were still in a relationship or immediately after. The video is both sad and beautiful, but above all, really honest.

Ali and Andrew were college sweethearts who dated for seven years. They broke up two years ago, but came together to be featured in The And, an interactive documentary about what connects us as human beings.

In the part one above, the two openly talk about being dishonest to each other, things about their relationship that they still cherish or things they would now do differently. 

Sometimes, this is exactly what you need for a full disclosure.

"It's OK," she says through tears at some point.

You can also watch part two below.

In the words of Ali herself, "This is real heavy sh*t."

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