New Study Reveals Sexual Benefits of Regular Exercise

Bow chicka wow wow.

Sometimes it’s hard to exercise the way you’re supposed to.


However, a new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine might be giving men some extra motivation to hit the gym more often. A team of researchers have discovered a link between regular exercise habits and quality of intercourse.

"This study is the first to link the benefits of exercise in relation to improved erectile and sexual function in a racially diverse group of patients," the study's senior author, Adriana Vidal from Cedars-Sinai, said in a press release.

The study surveyed almost 300 adult men about aspects of their sex lives, including frequency of intercourse, quality of erections, and details of their climaxes. (Nothing is too personal for science!)

The men were also asked a number of questions related to their exercise habits, and the frequency, duration, and intensity of their workouts.

The exercises were then quantified into metabolic equivalents (METS) so that different activities could be compared. A less strenuous exercise done for a longer amount of time could be the same as a more intense workout that didn't last as long. For example, two hours of highly intense exercise earned the same amount of METS as six hours of lighter exercise.

They found that men who completed more than 18 METS each week, regardless of how it was done, were more likely to have more intercourse, better erections, and stronger orgasms than those who did not.

Those who fell short of that number and exhibited lower sexual function were also more likely to have diabetes and heart disease as well. 

"When it comes to exercise, there is no one-size-fits-all approach," co-author Stephen Freedland also said in the release. "However, we are confident that even some degree of exercise, even if less intense, is better than no exercise at all."

These results are exciting, because it means that each individual man can find activities that he enjoys or that fit his physical limitations to meet that threshold.

What was not made clear in this study was if increasing activity beyond that 18 METS marker is enough to improve sexual performance in those who have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction or fertility disorders. This question could be addressed with future research. 

However, there are other benefits to exercise that will help pep things up in the bedroom, including boosting natural pheromones to attract a mate, stamina to get the job done, and, of course, it'll give you a more toned and tightened physique when it comes to getting down to business.


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