Exes Play 'Truth or Drink' — And Learn Some Surprising Lessons About Their Relationships

Don't try this at home.

When a couple breaks up, so much can be left unsaid. Depending on how the exes parted ways, it may be difficult, if not impossible, for them to get closure. In certain cases, sometimes a little liquid courage can help the healing process begin. 

WatchCut Video brought together five pairs of exes and challenged them to answer "a random set of questions" — or take a shot. 


Warning: Don't try this at home.

The questions ranged from "Did you ever cheat on me?" to "Would you go out with me again?," forcing the ex-couples to get real, real fast. As the video shows, the answers were intensely emotional for each person. They laughed, they cried, and one couple even kissed. 

Though the social experiment put the exes in an uncomfortable situation at first, as each pair asked their questions and responded with honest, heartfelt answers, they learned some surprising lessons about their past relationships. 

By tearing down whatever barriers had emerged between them, the experience gave each ex-couple the opportunity to clear the air and work together in finding a path toward mutual — if separate — happiness.


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