Ex-Boyfriends Openly Answer Each Other's Questions About Their Past Relationship

Talk about awkward silence ...

Most people would agree that meeting with an ex is never easy, let alone talking to them in a civilized manner. There are always some unresolved issues, some heartaches that haven't really healed yet, and maybe even a pinch of jealousy.

However, this couple proves that being friends with your ex is not only possible, but lots of fun, too!

On a recent business trip to Texas, YouTuber Riyadh K decided to make a detour and visit Jonathan, his ex-boyfriend of a year and a half. But instead of getting into some past relationship drama, the two had a blast doing an open Q&A with each other.


Jonathan didn't hold back and started off naughty with a "What's your favorite thing I did in bed?" inquiry.

"Why do you hate kissing so much?" his opponent, Riyadh, fired back.

After a few more uncomfortably raw questions, Riyadh played his ace: "Do you still love me?"

Judging from how much fun these two had, it seems like spilling guts to your ex might not be such a terrible idea after all. 

It might open your eyes and help you see that neither of the two of you were that perfect. It might help you get closure and move on. It could even help you patch things up and continue as friends.

Whichever it might be, it's worth taking a shot, don't you think?

Watch the full video below:

(H/T: Her.ie)


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