Here's How Stop-Motion Animation Has Evolved From The 1900s To Now

Cartoons have come a long way.

Stop-motion animation has inspired and delighted moviegoers for more than a century. It's one of the earliest forms of filmmaking, after all. That's why we were so fascinated by filmmaker Vugar Efendi's three-minute video that shows how the technique has developed over the years. 

Efendi's video, aptly titled "The Evolution of Stop-Motion," starts by taking us all the way back to the 1900s with the silent film The Enchanted Drawing and ends in present day with Kubo and the Two Strings, which is currently in theaters. It also shows plenty of beloved films in between, from King Kong to The Nightmare Before Christmas to The Empire Strikes Back. 

This little history lesson reminds us of the magic of movies. Stop-motion animation allows inanimate objects to have a live of their own and has made it easier for fantastical characters to make their way into cinemas everywhere. 

You can check out Efendi's video below: 


(H/T: Neatorama


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