Take A Glimpse At The Evolution Of Your Own Species With This Stunning Time-Lapse

Binge-watching history.

Back in 1897, French painter Paul Gauguin created a beautiful canvas titled with a rhetorical question: D'ou Venons Nous / Que Sommes Nous / Ou Allons Nous — Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

Even though Gauguin's goal was to question the spiritual meaning of human existence, the title leaves us no choice but to wonder about the scientific process of our evolution. How did we evolve to be the way we are now? Isn't that a fascinating question?!

What's more fascinating is that today we have so much material to answer it. This video by Yale Press is a good example:


    Created to promote John Gurche's book Shaping Humanity: How Science, Art, and Imagination Helps Us Understand Our Origins, the short time-lapse skips through millions of years of evolution to show the way humans transformed over time.

    It also reveals the immaculate forensic methods paleoartists like Gurche use to recreate our history. Fascinating? You bet!


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