9-Year-Old Hits Like A Girl ... And Lands 200 Punches In Just Half A Minute

You do not want to feel that left hook.

Evnika Saadvakass is a 9-year-old girl from Kazakhstan. She's also a boxing prodigy who has been training in the finer points of pugilism by her father, Rustam - a professional boxer - since she was just three.

But it's not just her training that has made her a viral sensation: it's her skill and speed. In a recent episode of NBC's Little Big Shots, the little girl with braids threw 200 punches into a heavy bag in just 30 seconds.

Her speed and accuracy are evident in an early video that went viral on the Saadvakass family's YouTube channel. In it, she shows an incredible sense of timing and distance combined with exceptionally unconventional footwork - she stays planted in a wide stance - while dodging and weaving and delivering a barrage of focused punches.


Her appearance on Little Big Shots, however, showed just how much faster she's gotten since then.

Check out Steve Harvey's face as Evnika Saadvakass shows him how she hits like a girl.

Here's the original video that went viral.


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