15 Life Hacks That Won't Make You Friends

Or, how to make no one like you forever.

Do you ever wonder how to solve life's minor inconveniences by being a pretty awful person? Ever wish you could save a couple bucks or minutes, and make a mortal enemy or twelve along the way? Well the folks of #UnethicalHacks have gathered elaborate, pretty entertaining ways to rectify life's smallest problems by throwing all morals to the wind.

Most of these sound like plot lines from "Family Guy" so we would obviously never endorse them, but it's pretty funny (and kind of scary) to imagine someone so depraved, they'd resort to some of these tactics.


1. So bad, we're impressed.

2. Or you could just hold a frozen smile.

3. Oh for the love of...

4. Casually wreak havoc on small businesses.

5. Whoever came up with this needs to have their ethernet unplugged.

6. But don't buy new tires from the car shop, because that might actually help their business/life dreams.

7. Holding out a hat and singing in a heavy cockney accent also works.

8. You've already made countless people hate you. Why quit while you're ahead?

9. Please reevaluate your choices if this sounds like a necessary precaution.

10. You could probably have Siri do most of this for you, but would you get the same ego boost?

11. Just don't place the request over the phone in fluent English.

12. To complete the wholesale slaughter of your sense of human decency.

13. Just don't trespass on a competing utility company's property.

14. Or just be honest and send a photo of yourself reading this post, not wearing pants, eating Nutella straight from the jar.

15. We're pretty sure this has been attempted a million times before, but if it gets you to wear a monocle, go for it.

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