These 6 Simple Christmas Pranks Are Just Plain Evil

'Tis the season to be naughty.

Christmas is the season of cheer, but those who would like to spice things up with some fun, practical jokes should try Household Hacker's six evil Christmas pranks. 

But heed this warning: He's making a list. He's checking it twice. He's going to find out who's naughty or nice. 

Now, which side of the list do you want to be on? 


1. Make Festive Candles Smell Like Garlic

Here's a simple one -- Just get some garlic oil tablets from your local grocery store. Pop a tablet on a burning holiday candle, and voilà! Seasonal scent will instantly become seasonal stench. 

2. The Fake Gift

Fill a box meant for an expensive object with something heavy, like a packet of printer paper. Wait for the receiver to open the gift, and watch excitement turn to disapointment when the sad contents are revealed. 

Oh, the humanity! 

3. Holiday-Themed Food Coloring For The Loo

Put green or red food coloring in the toilet to give your guests an unwelcome holiday surprise when they flush.   

4. Super Glue Eggs Into The Carton

This prank will thoroughly confuse anyone trying to make eggnog. 

5. 'You Did What With The Cookies?' Prank

Step 1. Take a picture of holiday cookies in an undesirable setting.

Step 2: Place the printed picture at the bottom of the cookie jar.

Step 3. Put the cookies back in the jar to hide the photo.

Step 3. Watch guests eat the treats and see their reaction when the photo at the bottom of the jar is finally revealed.

6. The Audio Card Trick

Get an audio card, and take out the noisemaker. Pull out the paper that prevents it from playing nonstop, and then hide the audio device somewhere to annoy all your family and friends. 

Now, watch Household Hacker's video below to see all the pranks in action. The grinch would be proud of these guys. 

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(H/T: Tastefully Offensive)

Cover image via Cookie Studio / Shutterstock.


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