3 Guys Made Sneakers Entirely Out Of Garbage And They're Even More Awesome Than Yeezy Boosts

Everything you buy is rubbish.

With news of Kanye West's recent Yeezy Boost release sweeping the nation, we have to admit they do look kind of cool. That mushy suede coupled with those thick white soles seem like the perfect combo to make all the sneakerheads swoon.

But even Kanye's Boosts don't have anything on what these Londoners came up with.

Art students Charles Duffy, William Gubbins and Billy Turvey created their own one-of-a-kind pair of sneakers. And while they look like ordinary kicks with paint splattered all over them, they're actually made entirely of garbage.


The project, aptly named "Everything You Buy Is Rubbish," aims to raise awareness about consumerism, mass-production and the increasing amount of plastic waste. Sneakers seemed like an easy way to get their point across.

"As soon as the first component on a modern shoe fails, the pair is often discarded. The mass produced shoe is now essentially disposable. After you've finished with them they're just another (two) piece(s) of rubbish that are likely to still be around long after your own body has decomposed," writes Turvey of the short film they made documenting the project.

The creative trio set out to make a pair of shoes from the rubbish washed on the beaches and river banks of England. The task turned out to be easier than expected: The shores were full of discarded bottles, toys and other plastic odds and ends, lying there and waiting to be repurposed.

Watch the short film below to get a better idea of how these incredible shoes were made.

Even though the colorful trainers are not for sale, the project sends a powerful message asking people to reconsider their impact on the planet. The thought-provoking video is accompanied by a series of satirical prints highlighting the negative effects of our consumerism and poor waste management infrastructure.

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