9 Things You Do Less Often Everyday Than Watch Netflix And They're Crazy

Binge watch these facts.

It's official: subscribers spend an average of 90 minutes daily watching Netflix. It's so insane that Exstreamist just released an infographic showing that people spend more time watching Netflix than other everyday routines. And we're adding more daily activities from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to prove how crazy it is.

Here are 9 everyday things you surprising do less often than watch Netflix:


1. Housework (only 33 minutes daily).

2. Eating (only 70 minutes daily).

3. Lawn and garden care (only 11 minutes daily).

4. Childcare (only 25 minutes daily).

5. Educational activities (only 25 minutes daily).

6. Sex (only 2 minutes daily).

7. Exercise (only 18 minutes daily).

8. Reading (only 49 minutes daily).

9. Socializing and communicating (only 43 minutes daily).

(H/T: Exstreamist)

Cover image via iStock


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