'Every Sports Debate Show Ever' Nails Every Tired Aspect Of Sports Commentary

Hot take.

With the rise of social media and robust video platforms such as YouTube, professional sports have more and more become a sort of reality entertainment experience. As such, the people that talk about it for a living have quickly come to achieve celebrity status on par with the stars at the center of the action. This is all good and fine, as long as analysts such as Charles Barkley manage to balance their shenanigans with insightful commentary and use their influence as a force for good.

Inevitably, though, a lucrative media opportunity such as this one leads to a lot of rehashing of content, format, and even opinions. The Kicker, a comedy site that launched via Above Average last fall, has picked up on this trend and absolutely skewered it with Every Sports Debate Show Ever, a short video that rips on every cliche sports debate shows have fallen into as of late. Aesthetically it looks like ESPN's Around the Horn, but it has a surprising depth that applies to a much broader view of the sports debate landscape itself.

We're talking race, gender, subject matter, visuals, and beyond. Check out the spot-on spoof for yourself below:


Cover image: The Kicker via YouTube


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