This Instagram Pays Tribute To All The Amazing And Awful Outfits In 'Sex And The City'

Not that we would ever forget #14.

We can all argue for days about whether you're a Carrie or a Samantha, but there's no arguing that Sex and the City is one of the most iconic TV shows when it comes to fashion. Some of the outfits were timeless and so painfully on point, you couldn't help but wish you had all the disposable income that Carrie somehow magically had to buy them. Other outfits were completely absurd and we loved to hate them. 

Lucky for all of us, we can now relive SATC's outfits without rewatching episodes thanks to two women who are on a mission to archive them. Designer Chelsea Fairless and writer / director Lauren Garroni started the Instagram account @everyoutfitonsatc. They're on "a quest to document every outfit on Sex and the City." Every. Single. One. 

Whether you loved or hated the show, it truly is a quintessential piece of television history. We're glad to see it live on with both admiration and humor. 

Check out some of the beautiful and horrifying outfits Fairless and Garroni have posted so far accompanied by their hilarious captions:



2. "THIS BITCH #StanfordBlatch #Pucci #PrideLook."

3. "Miranda's iconic monochromatic overalls & puffer coat ensemble."

4. "Really into Carrie's Francophile look especially the bag of McDonald's."

5. "Coincidentally I'm staying at this hotel rn but not looking nearly as compelling as Samantha."


7. "When half of you wants to go to the club but the other half wants to hit up that sale at Anthropologie."

8. "💕MARABOU DREAMS💕 This look was supposed to be ugly, but in retrospect it's kind of cute in a 'Showgirls' / Frederick's of Hollywood sort of way"

9. "Is cultural appropriation chill if you have cancer?"

10. "*watches 'Annie Hall' once*"

11. "I mean Pat Field never did know what to do with Miranda, but I'm feeling this communing with nature pattern mash look."

12. "Charlotte's style was never more on point than when she was in Art Gallerist mode."

13. " 'Ladies have you heard of this great little shop called Hot Topic? It’s fabulous!' Or what I imagine Samantha said when explaining where she got this outfit."

14. "What better way to celebrate than with that time Carrie was runway roadkill?!"

15. "Minimalism is a good look for Miranda. She has a Tilda Swinton quality and that '90s-era Jil Sander shit actually makes sense with her lifestyle."

16. "IDK what Charlotte is wearing and I don't care because the vintage Zandra Rhodes dress that Carrie wore to the faux Marina Abramović show is fucking everything."

17. "When your face is disfigured from a botched chemical peel, why not just say 'fuck it' and show up to your friend's book party dressed like a crazed extra from a Fellini film?"

Oops, too late.


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