One Year After Giving Birth, Eve Torres Doesn't Have Her Pre-Baby Body. And That's Totally OK.

"I realized that the only 'after' picture that matters is a happy, healthy mommy with her happy, healthy baby."

For Eve Torres, a wife, mother, "jiu-jitsu enthusiast," and three-time WWE Divas Champion, it's not the way you look after giving birth — it's how you feel.

In an open and honest Instagram post, Torres explains that she had originally taken a photo just one week after giving birth, with plans to post it next to a photo of what would be her "future 'skinny' body." 

And though things didn't quite go as planned, it helped Torres realize what truly matters in life and hopes that new moms can come to the same understandings about their own bodies, too.


The caption on the post reads: 

"After watching the film #EMBRACE I felt moved to make this post. I had originally taken this photo one week after I gave birth to Raeven with the intention of putting it side-by-side with my future 'skinny' body after I lost all my baby weight 'in just 4 weeks!' (Like they do in the magazines). Well 4 weeks passed. And then 4 months. And we are almost at a year, and I still haven't reached my pre-baby body, and maybe never will. And yet, I am proud of my body, and I feel healthy as ever. I realized that the only 'after' picture that matters is a happy, healthy mommy with her happy, healthy baby. I wish new moms wouldn't be burdened with the pressure to get back into pre-baby shape so quickly. Exercise (when your body is ready), eat for health, love yourself & your child, and let your body do whatever it's meant to do after the amazing feat of creating a human."

The above post seemed to resonate with many of Torres' followers, who posted comments like: "Thank you for this. More of us need to say this and not hide," and "I love this so much! Thank you for taking a stand in the spotlight for the rest of us superhuman baby growers that don't snap back immediately! Love this! Thank you!"

Such a message just goes to show that people, particularly women, should encourage and support each other in a positive way that promotes self-love and a healthy, happy outlook on life.

(H/T: Self magazine)


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