This Book Is The Size Of A Pin, But Fits Many Incredible Things Inside

Less is more.

It's often very hard to put our greatest thoughts, accomplishments and deepest emotions in just a few words. 

Like, how can a short phrase or even a sentence describe the tingling sensation that followed your first kiss, or the vast emptiness you feel when you finish reading a really good book?

But Colorado-based illustrator and designer Evan Lorenzen doesn't need long speeches and tirades to convey his ideas. On the contrary, Lorenzen is a true craftsman when it comes to making things simple. And his technique is even more astonishing.


Lorenzen is widely known for his impeccable miniature books on a variety of topics: cereal, meaningful words, big ideas and major historical events.

One of his latest creations is this adorable seven-page mini book titled "Life's Lil Pleasures."

The book features a number of pleasant, everyday occurrences people take for granted and forget to enjoy.

Lorenzen says the idea to make "Life's Lil Pleasures" was born during a daydreaming sessions on a rainy day.

"I was staring out the window on a rainy day and noticed the delightful twinge of appreciation I was experiencing at the smell wafting in through the window," he told A+.

"That quick snippet of thought led me to investigate other subtly rewarding experiences," Lorenzen said.

Lorenzen first got into bookmaking when he was studying animation and painting in Vermont. However, it was at a much larger scale than his current body of work.

It wasn't until last year that Lorenzo discovered the art of handmade miniature books. He was instantly sold on the idea.

"During this whole experiment with miniatures, my goal was to draw as small as I can possibly get without the use of any magnifying instruments," Lorenzen told A+.

All of his books are about the size of a thumbnail and no more than one inch tall.

"I really hope the book inspires others to investigate the little pleasures in their lives that often go unnoticed or disregarded," Lorenzen told A+.

To see more stunning miniature creations by Evan Lorenzen, please visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

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