Eva Longoria Created A New Emoji App That's Both Fun And Feminist

"Strong emojis for strong women."

Actress Eva Longoria is all about supporting women. Just last month she addressed the Democratic National Convention and praised Hillary Clinton, the first female presidential nominee of a major party. 

"People tend to put women in boxes," she has said. "She's sexy, she's ambitious, she's smart, she's a mom … but women are complex, and we are always underestimated. Women are all of those things at the same time."


Longoria's latest feminist statement takes a decidedly 21st century form. It's an emoji app called Evamoji that's available for 99 cents in the App Store. Longoria shared previews of the app on Instagram and described it as offering "strong emojis for strong women," which is why it launched on Women's Equality Day.

"I'm launching an emoji keyboard full of stickers I've never been able to find!" she wrote.

The Evamojis include women of diverse races and varying careers, from an artist to a police officer. There's even one depicting a female graduate that will come in handy to congratulate the scholars in your life — or to share news of your own achievements. 

Longoria said she was inspired to make #ladyboss emojis by her friends Loren Ridinger, Victoria Beckham, and Jessica Alba. She herself is a boss in her own right, as she's produced and directed various projects, including an upcoming episode of Jane the Virgin.

The app also includes a female astronaut, a fitting choice since Longoria wrote her master's thesis on Latina women in STEM fields.

Check out a few more of the fun (and delicious) stickers Evamoji has to offer below.


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