Eva Longoria Has A Message For Donald Trump About Who Her Family Really Is

"This election is very personal to me."

Actress Eva Longoria addressed the crowd at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Monday night before introducing Sen. Cory Booker. She joined a chorus of famous voices speaking out against Republican nominee Donald Trump.

"Like many of you, this election is very personal to me," Longoria began.

She went on to draw from her family's history to challenge Trump's comments about Mexican immigrants, explaining that she is a ninth-generation American from Texas, which used to be part of Mexico.

"My family never crossed a border," she declared. "The border crossed us."

Longoria addressed the connections Trump has made between Mexican immigration and crime, using her own father as an example.


"My father is not a criminal or rapist. In fact, he's a United States veteran."

But Longoria didn't just touch on her family's Mexican heritage in her message. She also emphasized how Trump's mockery of a disabled reporter is an insult to her own sister with special needs and people like her.

She then reminded the crowd of Trump's remark that a working wife is "a very dangerous thing." For Longoria, such a comment is not only an insult to her, but to her mother, a former special education teacher.

Longoria expressed her support for presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and reminded listeners of what an important moment this was for her and for the future of the country, as "a Latina from South Texas is introducing the first Black senator from New Jersey on the week we'll nominate our first woman candidate for President of the United States."

"So guess what, Donald?" she said in closing. "It turns out America is pretty great already."

Watch Longoria's full speech below:


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