Inspiring Pictures Of Kids As Famous African Americans Spread The Word About Black History Month


The month of February is all about recognizing love in all its forms, so it makes perfect sense that it's also Black History Month

And how's Black History Month about love? Simple. It's about loving your heritage, taking pride in your history, educating yourself about tolerance, acceptance, equality and love towards one another.

To encourage people to celebrate Black History Month even after February's over, photographer Eunique Jones Gibson began "Because of Them We Can." For the initiative, she created a beautiful series of 28 photographs for every day of February, in which little kids imitate some of the best-known African American leaders and trendsetters.


The organization also teamed up with Nickelodeon to produce a series of videos honoring distinguished men and women like poet Maya Angelou, Stevie Wonder, Malcolm X and others.

According to Eunique Jones Gibson, the goal of the "Because of Them We Can" campaign is to share the richness of African American history and inspire people to dream about a better future through images that refute stereotypes and build self-esteem.

"Today we are committed as ever before to encourage and empower people of all ages and hues to dream out loud and re-imagine themselves as greater than they are, simply by connecting the dots between the past, the present and the future," Gibson writes on her website.

The initiative launched across multiple platforms, including social media posts, short PSAs and even billboards and bus shelters with posters promoting  Black History Month and "Because of Them We Can" campaign. Per Mashable, the ads were placed along school routes where the target audience — parents and kids — could easily see them. 

Gibson promises to continue spreading the message throughout the year.

"We don't want to be hashtag heroes, we want to do the work necessary to help people realize their potential and re-imagine their possibilities," she told Mashable.

Take a look at more inspiring visuals from the campaign below.

Cassius Marcellus Clay, better known as Muhammad Ali, was a strong advocate of justice and African American pride.

The Queen of Jazz, Lady Ella Fitzgerald, was one of the world's greatest jazz vocalists and the first African American woman to win a Grammy Award.

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is known for his incredible ability to make science fun. He's also one of the most in-demand scientists in the U.S.

Shirley Chisholm was the first African American woman elected to Congress. In 1972, she was also the first major party African American candidate for President of the United States.

Barack and Michelle Obama. The most powerful power couple in the world.

Ava DuVernay is an award-winning screenwriter. Her latest movie "Selma" made DuVernay the first African American female director nominated for a Golden Globe Award.

At 13 years old, Mo'ne Davis was the first girl to ever pitch a shutout in the Little League World Series. She's also the first African American girl to ever play in the series. Did you see her on cover of Sports Illustrated?

To see more from Eunique Jones Gibson's "Because of Them We Can" series, please visit her Facebook page and follow the campaign on Instagram.

(H/T: Mashable)

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